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Being a Grow with Google Digital Coach

In 2022, Grow with Google partnered with Main Street America to choose one community in ten states to host a program that would hire a Digital Coach to represent the State. The charge: offer free business building workshops to small businesses in small towns and aim to reach 1,000 in 2023. Here is how it went:

Copy of Google-30-min.jpg

115 workshops

We spoke about topics that are in high demand like Google Business Profile, websites, search engine optimization, analytics and Google tools like Docs, Sheets and Drive.  

1,239 business owners trained

I've met some of the grittiest, most hard working people through this experience. You are community minded, fiercely loyal and each one of you contributes something unique and special the place you call home.

348820740_820273983031677_237836011666434036_n copy.jpg
349063100_255685983807370_5944186525237089039_n copy.jpg
349063100_255685983807370_5944186525237089039_n copy.jpg

7,147 miles traveled

Turns out, a lot of the concerns and challenges that business owners experience are the same or similar as they are in other towns. This is encouraging! It means we are not alone! We can start working together to go deeper and wider with our resources and start making real economic progress.

One trip to Boston

I'm genuinely not the same person as when I began teaching in April 2023. There have been many firsts, many growth moments and so much joy! It's now time to take everything I learned and start providing for the needs of small businesses in small towns. Ya'll are my people! I will continue to work hard to help you build.

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349063100_255685983807370_5944186525237089039_n copy.jpg
349063100_255685983807370_5944186525237089039_n copy.jpg

What I learned

I learned that the heart of the nation lives in small towns all across America, people are more generous than they get credit for and every economic developer needs an assistant and a vacation! Those people are champions!

Marble Surface

Work with Me


Design is more than just making something look pretty. There is a science to attracting the customers you want to work with. Brand design with an understanding of your target market will go a long way to helping you build your dream business.


Is your website like your digital storefront, allowing you to communicate with people before they decide to get in their car? Sure, but it can also go a long way with making your customer find you in the first place.


What do you do when you go to a place you've never been? You go on a guided tour! That's what it's like to work with a business coach. We offer you guidance, expertise, and accountability to help you overcome challenges, and achieve tangible results. 

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