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So what is Brand Design, anyways?

Business Name and Logo

When you introduce yourself, all people know is your name at first. A name and logo is like an introduction. A great name and logo will let people know if they want to find out more about you!

Colors and Typography

Think of your brand as a way to communicate your vibe without any words. It's like picking out what you will wear to make the best first impression when you meet someone. You do this every day you leave the house!

Messaging and Voice

The way you speak lets your audience know what they can expect from you and how they can both interact with you and how they fit into your picture. Are you strict and professional or fun and edgy?

ooohhh...I do love a good show and tell!

Allow me to introduce you to O'Brien's Own Gourmet Granola. You're welcome.


A little bit about them. Trust me. They're the coolest.

"Our family instantly fell in love with the delicious taste and soft texture of our granola. We knew we wanted to share this amazing granola with everyone, and God has blessed us with the opportunity to do just that. We work hard to make the best granola possible, from sourcing the finest natural ingredients to mixing up each batch by hand, to carefully packing each order for our customers to enjoy.  We strive to provide our customers with a great-tasting, healthy way to fuel all your adventures!"

How we worked together:

Full logo and branding package

Now that O'Brien's is under new ownership, they wanted a fresh new look to take their brand into the future. They wanted a look and feel that would stand out on a grocery store shelf and grow with them as they put their goals for the company in place. They didn't just stop at a new logo, they went for the whole kit 'n caboodle and it payed off big time!

Brand spankin' new website design

The old website design was . . . shall we say "okay"? It was definitely time for a lively new refresh that reflected the vision. With a new brand design in hand, a target audience to speak to and new packaging design mockups, the website feel into place nicely! We updated some of the techy stuff so they were more searchable online and they immediately started getting more online orders. #winning

Packaging Design

You can't go to the effort of getting a new brand design without updating your packaging, too! Your brand needs to be consistent online as well as in person in order to help your audience trust that you are who you say you are! O'Brien's Own knew that and made the investment into their business.

It's all about the results. Otherwise, why are we even here?


Ready to work with me?

Let's goooo!
Image by Henry & Co.


Logo update and Digitize your current logo

Sometimes you don't need a brand new logo. If the one you have is working just fine but it needs to be cleaned up, I can help. If, God forbid, your logo is still hand drawn or you can't find the original files, I can get you what you need to put your branding on the promotional items you need to get growing.

Investment: $400


Brand Design

This package will cover:

  • Design for one logo

  • Color Palette

  • Typography selection

  • Brand Cheat Sheet Guide

This is perfect for you if you're starting to pay attention to what you're putting out into the world and you want to represent your business in the best way.

Investment: $800


Full Flavor
Brand Design

This package will cover:

  • Horizontal & Vertical Logo Design

  • Vertical Logo Design

  • Supplementary Brand Designs

  • Mockups and Brand Ideas

  • Color Palette & Typography selection

  • 2 supplementary projects to help you kick off things right

  • Brand Cheat Sheet Guide

  • All files loaded into your Canva

Investment: $1500

Brand Design Services Anchor

Need more convincing?

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You've already built the business and the brand of your dreams. Let's get you started on a website you can be proud of!

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